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We completely re-engineered the Chrysler Pacifica to provide you and your family the most of everything. The most spacious cabin interior. The most doorway space. The widest and strongest ramp in the industry. The possibilities are endless.

Go with an exclusive powertrain warranty

Take peace of mind along for the ride when you travel with our unbeatable warranty.

• 3-year/36,000-mile Basic Limited Warranty
• 5-year/100,000-mile Fleet Powertrain Warranty

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When you combine the utility of a rear-entry vehicle with a spacious interior and style to spare, you get the all-new rear-entry BraunAbility Pacifica. Explore everything the Pacifica has to offer below.

  • Most interior space of any BraunAbility rear-entry wheelchair van
  • Widest-ever ramp, plus more drop height and width
  • Patented two-position secure latch with anti-rattle technology

Foldout XT

Starting at

In the all-new BraunAbility Pacifica Side-Entry, every inch feels like a mile, thanks to patent-pending AccessAbility™ Technology. It gives you all the space you need – and all the convenience you want. Explore everything the Pacifica has to offer below.

  • Most interior space of any side-entry wheelchair van
  • The most doorway height and ramp strength of any wheelchair van
  • Convenient foldout ramp can deploy onto curbs for quick entry and exit


Starting at

Every inch feels like a mile when you have more entry and cabin space than any other accessible vehicle on the road. With a simple push of a button, you’re ready to enter or exit with ease.

  • The widest and strongest ramp in the industry
  • Ramp concealment helps the interior look closer to that of the Chrysler Pacifica minivan
  • Low ramp angle makes entries and exits effortless

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Bright White
Tusk White
Billet Silver
Molton Silver
Granite Crystal
Brilliant Black
Velvet Red
Jazz Blue
Dark Cordovan

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